…Comes this inspiring film about British Paralympic hopeful James ‘o’ Shea, which we were lucky enough to see a screening of last week. It aims to raise awareness of the important work that the The Disability Foundation do.

BBH’s Kim and Mareka made this in their spare time, and had this to say about it:

“We came to work on this film through the Keep Aaron Cutting project that emerged from last year’s London Riots. Sitting next to Aaron at his 90th birthday lunch, we got into conversation with a nephew who is an able-bodied member of TDF, and benefits from their complementary health therapies. He wondered if we could do anything to raise the profile of this unique charity and hopefully get it much needed funds to continue providing its amazing services. We looked for an interwoven story to tell, and found the inspirational one of fellow TDF member and Paralympic athlete James O’Shea, and the film was born!”

So please do share/retweet the film, and make time to watch James’ race which is next Wednesday 5th Sept.

Although like James says, they’d probably prefer your money, so if you can spare any one peas and two peas then the way to donate is by texting TDFV11 followed by the amount you want to donate to 70070.



  1. Dave — I find there are 2 types of people who work in advertising — simplifiers and complicators. The simplifiers understand the basics of logic as you have described them. The complicators do not. Unfortunately, one highly-placed complicator can quickly undo the work of a dozen simplifiers.


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