There now follows a political broadcast…

…for interested kittehs.

Without wishing to start a political debate, I wanted to share this brilliant film for confused cats which manages to explain in a brilliant way the coherent reasons for why we should vote AV in tomorrow’s referendum. Maybe you’ve already made up your mind either way, but if you’re still undecided, or you’re thinking AV seems too complicated to understand, please watch the cat film, share it, and help keep the dogs out.

Here is some other ‘stimulus’ (to use planner-speak) if you’re still undecided.

This from
The Sabotage Times
and a nice tidy table summarising the arguments for and against, on the 38 Degrees website.

And there’s this from my funny friend Gaz who wrote this the other day:

“AV’s a funny thing really. It’s a bit like a bunch of authors wondering where to go for a wax. Let’s say Salman Rushdie wants to get a bikini area and a back wax but doesn’t want to get waxed on his thighs, but Martin Amis, Aravind Adiga, Ian McEwan and Roddy Doyle Abolutely DO want to get their thighs done, but only Amis doesn’t wants his back done too. With AV Rushdie stands a very good chance of getting his back waxed even if he has to have his thighs waxed too, as McEwan and Roddy Doyle are keen for a back wax as a second preference. That way everyone has to compromise on which parts of their body are rendered totally hairless, and which they have to put up with being hairy for a bit longer or something.” Gareth Groake, Head of Funny, RNIB.

See. It’s not as easy to explain as the cats make it look.

There’s also this, for a really simple (with mixed acting abilities) analogy. Booze V. Coffee.

Anyway. Remember. Vote Yes tomorrow, or the cute kitteh gets it…


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