3D Projection Mapping onto the Toyota Auris Hybrid


In a break from the norm, we thought we’d do a post about our latest work. So instead of our usual ramblings, this is going to be about our new campaign for the Toyota Auris.

Some months ago, we got a brief to make a stir about the new Auris Hybrid. To communicate that this is a vehicle which recycles its energy as it drives – meaning you get your energy back. This car looks like an ordinary hatchback (as opposed to some hybrids, which look like hybrids). So we wanted to both showcase the incredible energy, but also play into this element of hidden energy and surprise.

the idea was to park the car in a normal, everyday location, and then use projection mapping to showcase the Hybrid
technology inside it, coming out as if by magic. So as people walked past it on the night, it appeared to come alive. The 3D projection shows the car transforming; it’s bodywork peeling back, (iron man style), to reveal a glowing blue light, which symbolizes the car’s Hybrid energy.

The blue light then escapes from the car and ‘energises’ objects in
the surrounding environment – before going back into the car, demonstrating how the Auris Hybrid gets its energy back. Ultimately, we hoped this would be an innovative way to showcase
an innovative car. And, to make people realise that this energy is extraordinary – by showing it doing extraordinary things.

Happily, we got quite a big crowd on the night of the stunt. Even a passing random musician, who decided to play his guitar in front of the car. After the stunt all the photos, vidoes and tweets that happened as a result were then pulled into the campaign’s hub site.

You can see the resulting film here if you like. And for people interested in the 28,000,000 pixels of texture and 200,000 lumens of power- side of things, there is the Making Of video.

Not to sound like we’re at the Oscars or anything, but we wanted to put the credits up to thank everyone who made this project happen. So here comes a shamelessly long list of credits.

All that’s left to say is please forgive this one indulgent, work-related blog. Promise a return to normal service after this.


Roll Credits.

Creative Director – Seb Royce

Creative Team – Lol and Nat (with help from Adam, Lewis and Fraser)

Production Director – Julie Hart

Senior Producer – Tony Coppola

Account Director – Jess Burvill

Account Manager – Alex (the Jenarator) Jena

Head of Innovation- Dom O’Brien

Innovation Director – Andy Kinsella

Planners – Michaeljon Alexander-­?Scott & Katie White


Production and Post Production – Superglue

Live Action Director – Mark Jenkinson

Animation Director Simon Cam ( He didn’t sleep from July to September…)

CG Lead – Gavin Rothery

CG Artist – Marcus Chaloner

Producer – Jax Evans

Production Managers – Vicki Banwell & Marilyn Napaul

DOP – Ed Rutherford

Editor – Jose Gomez

Assistant Editor – Jamie Jenkinson

Music and Sound Design – Resonate Music


Projection Mapping Software and Services

Igloo Vision 360


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