Ballons are the new black



At the same exhbition where I (Nat) saw Sarah Lucas’s cakes, there was this dress. It is made entirely out of pink balloons. (Apparently the artist, who’s name I have completely forgotten, had also done a version with rubber gloves. You can just imagine this being ripped off for a cleaning brand can’t you?)

I really like the texture of it, especially the sleeves. It’s so rubbery and artificial.

It looks very otherworldly to me, perhaps the kind of outfit a sea creature might wear to an underwater gala. The balloons look like pink clams clinging to a rock at the beach.

If I had designed this dress, I might have added an inflation device, set on a timer, so you could beautifully inflate and deflate all night long.

The only downside being that you wouldn’t be able to sit down!