Champagne and Campaign

Hello. We’re back home now, suffering with a severe case of Cannes-Flu. Any tips for a remedy? This was my first year and I don’t think my liver was quite ready for it. It is very strange being back in Noho trying to brainstorm again, on a more normal time-frame compared to the craziness of the competition. I’ve attached a picture of us celebrating on the beach, having handed in the final film, and catching up on the news before we started back at work…

Anyway, like at the end of a school trip, we thought we’d write a little list of some things we learned out here that we didn’t expect to…

1. The Nigerians and their gods. On the first night, at the Young Lions party, we were chatting to them about how they come up with their ideas. They said that any creative idea they have is simply God speaking to them. They don’t just go for a run when they have creative block, or mess around on Facebook, no;  they sit and wait until God is ready to speak. I (Lolly) was shocked – as an atheist I have to wonder where mine come from?

2. If you go to a posh party at a lovely villa up in the hills, don’t expect to ever come home again. There are NO cabs in the hills past 1 am. None whatsover. And none of the numbers work. At all. Expect to stay over and get a cab in the morning, as I did, narrowly avoiding missing my train home.

3. It’s going to be very strange going back to normality, and not having everything we do be documented. We got so used to being able to comment to the camera about what was going on, it’s now quite odd just being Lolly and Nat, brainstorming on our own, not suddenly finding an MTV lens in our face every five minutes! But I actually like it, it’s calmer…

4. Being up against 30 other talented teams from all around the world, all of them speaking different languages, it really was incredible that they all had to think and write in English, despite being from Nigeria, Agentina, all over… We were impressed, and more than a little humbled by their talent and their linguistic prowess. Seeing some of the final ideas that got entered, it really became clear that language is kind of irrelevant when it comes to ideas; that the greatest ideas are universal. I’m not saying anything new there, I know. I guess that’s what the Lions festival as a whole is all about. Either way, we’re definitely going back next year, so we’ll see you in the gutter bar. Or the I can’t believe it’s not gutter bar.

Lolly & Nat x

Oh and p.s. my visa card actually worked in the ATM. Thanks Lloyds, sorry I was a little harsh before.

Files, Formats and Drunken Sailors



So yesterday was our editing day. We were trapped in the Festival Hall for about 8 hours! 


Editing 2 hours of footage into a one minute film in only a day was pretty tricky. It actually all went pretty smoothly until the very last minute when we had technical issues with file formats. So boring. We imported the wrong file types and it made our 1 minute film into a 1 minute 16 one. AHH. That was not allowed. It had to be between 30 sec and a minute or you would be disqualified. This all happened at 4.30pm. Half an hour before the deadline.

At that point loads of other teams had already finished so we felt the pressure even more!


So it called for emergency measures. We imported it into final cut and sped the whole thing up until it fitted into a minute exactly.

And then at 4.59 we handed in our finished viral. Phew. (Note: Throughout the day we were being filmed constantly for the MTV programme by an american production team called Local Theory. So as we were getting stressed and almost crying we had the cameras right in our faces. Had to tell them to go away, which will definitely be on the show!)


After that we then went for some well deserved glasses of rose with 2am films on the beach. It was great to have a swim, but yet again we had the Local Theory camera crew following us and filming about how we felt. It’s going to be wierd not having our movements caught on camera 24 hours a day when we get back.


 Then after a lovely dinner where we got free chips (very exciting) we went onto the Japanese party. So after not much sleep, again, we nervously staggered to the Festival Hall at 9am this morning.

As we walked in a few minutes late all the other Young Lions (there were 30  teams) were sitting on the floor awaiting the final announcement as to who has won this year’s 2008 Young Lions Competition. It was hard to eat breakfast this morning. We wanted to win SO much!


So we were finally called into the main room. It felt like getting our degree results. There were no chairs left so lol and I sat on a round table.

Just as the main speaker started his speach about how “everyone was a winnner”.. the table on which we were sitting completetly collapsed and we both fell to the ground. (Must be all those croissants we’ve been eating.) It was very embarassing as the whole room just stopped and stared at us falling to the floor aftere the echoing enormous cracking table noise!


Anyway so they announced the winners. Bronze – Italy, Silver – have completely forgotton (must be the lack of sleep), Gold – Argentina. Booooo, not the UK. It’s a shame that not one uk team won any of the categories.


Very disapointed and very envious. Their idea was really great though. It was all about singing before you turn the shower on, thus conserving water! Really simple and very viral, which was the brief.

Oh well, we tried our best given the restraints of location and time, and had a fantastic time doing it all, but I suppose we would say that.

It’s a strange emotion, disappointment…

Such a relief to be finished though. Have been constantly nervous and stressed.  We can now get on with enjoying being in Cannes. Off to the RSA pool party now so we can pretend we’re in The OC.

Au revoir,


L & N x

Ps. Very sad, just found out our Rogue boat trip has been cancelled. The captain drunk too much rose and is in hospital!