We dearly love the artist Rob Ryan. We really do. Truth be told, I (Lol) find his stuff so moving and unabashedly sentimental that I’ve been known to weep when faced with too many of his beautiful paper-cut poems at one time. In fact, a friend once had to actually extract me from Ryantown because it was all so romantic and whimsical that I thought I was going to pop.

That said, in recent years, it’s possible to think that he’s become a little bit overexposed. His ubiquitous romantic paper-cuts are on every tea-towel, mug and lunchbox going – well, in my house anyway.

So, with the season of goodwill and cheer upon us, some friends and I got to thinking what MisterRob’s work would look like if you sprinkled a bit of um, realism over it…

Which is how we ended up with this curmudgeonly old bastard, Mister Bob Brian.

Illustrated by Graeme McGregor, with words by Danni Emery, Lauren Taylor and yours truly, we bring you this loving pastiche…papercuts from a world that’s glass half empty.

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 12.28.06 PM

See more where that came from at misterbobbrian.tumblr.com (again, done with love!)




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