Is it wrong that I (lol) have been secretly really excited about the grand opening of the new East London line? For months, I’ve been watching through the 7th floor of the Tea building, down at the toy trains below as they’ve been taking their dress rehearsals up and down the tracks. For months we’ve been thinking, brilliant, a new transport option! At last Hackney will be opened up to the rest of london, freed from the shackles of buses and unreliable transport! At last, we’ll be able to get to the rest of london without being an hour late!

And now finally, after however many years in the making now they’re actually real and in use. So yesterday we decided to go and explore.

Butterflies in our bellies, we beheld the imposing new Shoreditch High Street sign above us. We walked through the spangly new gates and drank in the shiny new ticket machines, imagining the possibilities that seamless modern commuting would bring us, and all that new spare time we were going to have. In my dorky excitement, I’d thought there might have been some kind of
TFL launch party – you know – train-themed (non-alcoholic, of course)
drinks and
canapes to toast the new trains. Live bands, people dressed as Thomas
the Tank Engine. DJs playing the theme from Trainspotting, even.

there was just a few people milling
around. Some of them Anoraks like me, taking pictures. And in front of us was a small map which told of the many place that were now in reach to us. The world, it seemed, was now really our Oyster. What time do the trains run until, we wondered excitedly? Ten past eight in the evening. And where can we get to on this new train? 

New Cross Gate, via Wapping.



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