More crispy retro curiosities

We came back from holidays recently to a bizarre email from a Crisp-spotter. The romantically named David Valentine wrote to us having seen our blog post on Lol’s collection of 1987 Crisp Packets. Turns out he found a ludicrously extensive one himself, in his parent’s attic, and he was looking for fellow collectors.

Mr Valentine’s collection begs belief. There are crisps in there we’ve never even seen before, or
dreamed possible.  Who was Farmer Brown? What were Griddles? In what
universe were Onion Rings ever 5pence? And once again, it’s a lovely
walk through graphic design history.

And if you can’t get enough retro MSG you can see Lol’s technicolour collection here on our website. Just scroll down to the bottom and click on The 1987 Crisps Packets.


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