Guilt Marketing (GRM?)

Does anyone else get the ‘gym guilt’ when they haven’t been for over two weeks?

It’s hard dealing with your own guilty conscience, let alone having a computer generated email to make you feel bad. 

So let me (nat) introduce you to my fitness first emails… .

After a few
weeks of being too bust at work and not going (I know that’s not an excuse)  I received this email…


I’m ‘missed at the gym’. and they ‘HOPE to see me soon’ ???  Please. I still pay you so why do you care? And please don’t remind me how long it’s been.

‘Are you happy with the service’ (subtext: “Are you just a lazy ****?”)

So, a few more days go by and I get sent more and more emails telling me how much I’m ‘missed at the gym’. It’s an email, not a person. Such fake sincerity.


 ‘Please feel free to talk to a member of staff’ – Gosh it’s getting serious now. They actually want me to ‘talk to someone’  (subtext – … “let’s discuss your lack of motivation”). God I feel bad.

So, the nagging kept on going, until….. I finally went. And did the staff look delighted to see me? Of course not. But a certain email was. I received it only a few hours after going. They know my every move, it’s scary!



I suppose it’s good that the gym try and motivated you to make the most out of
your membership rather than trying to sign you up for a years contract
to then never go.

Fitness first have always been quite a personable brand. I remember a few years ago I went to a spinning class on Valentines Day and they gave everyone in the class a red rose. I then walked home with this ‘rose’ from a gym. There was something very bittersweet about it. People looking at me thinking, ahh, isn’t she lucky getting a rose from a lovely man, whereas in fact I got it from fitness first. Very romantic.

Perhaps fitness first takes their ‘building a relationship with the consumer’ thing a little too far?


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