Mentos reveals new line in OCD sweets


A man offered us one of these the other day (don’t tell our mums).

It’s a tube of Mentos with the element of surprise and excitement surgically removed. You can see without even opening it, exactly where the different coloured sweets are. Forrest Gump must be reeling. ‘Life is like a box o’ chocolates. you never know – oh – no – the analogy no longer holds.’ (did it ever?)

What happened to the magic of not knowing how many green or black ones you were buying? This way you know you’re getting the same amount of colours as every one  – sure it’s probably fairer, but it kind of takes the fun out of it doesn’t it? What’s next? Getting a facebook invite to your own surprise birthday? Stencilling the sex of your baby onto your pregnant belly?

On the other hand, maybe they’re a good idea for all those people who used to get mortified when they’d find there weren’t any green ones in their pack. Or those who felt hard-done-by when they were lumbered with loads of black ones they didn’t want. I guess it depends what kind of a person you are – whether you like to plan or you like living on the edge, so to speak. You might say this new mentos design represents a kind of dichotomy between personality traits – the more spontaneous type versus or the more ordered, anal type. Or you might say we’re reading a little too much into things.

Revels made a whole ad out of the excitement of not knowing what flavour revel you’re going to get. I wonder what ad you could make about colour coded sweets. now there’s an exciting brief.


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