Long copy reigns… a la carte

Copywriters are often asked whether they have extra curricular
pursuits. Plays, films, novels… poems…anything to keep their creative
juices flowing outside the realm of ads. For some it’s finessing the
perfect haiku. Others its writing 6 page long complaint letters.

But I’ve never come across a writer with a penchant for writing
postcards. I mean really writing them. Brilliantly crafted and witty ones. That was until I got talking to Bill.  He’s been a copywriter here at BBH for some time, but on the side he’s been
slowly building up his oeuvre carte postale. Here’s just one fine example…

(Obviously we’ve had to blank out the brand and the recipient to protect their identity)

There’s no hello or goodbye, no wish you were here or any other post-card platitudes… it’s just lovingly crafted, punchy copy.

Is this the best post-card you’ve ever seen, or have you got a better one to share?
Either way, in these times where people now seem
prepared to spend more time writing letters (Mr Beale for one), I think it’s safe to say that
long-copy is still alive and kicking.

p.s. if you can’t read the writing let us know and we’ll painstakingly transcribe.


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