Have it your way: Cultural imperialism or a refreshing approach?

We’re a bit torn on this new Crispin Porter campaign from Burger King. So here are both sides of our debate….

I have to confess it left a bad taste in my mouth. Perhaps it’s because I’m half Romanian and I found their allegedly traditional native costumes shown in the film a little contrived. Or maybe it’s just that I find it all a teeny bit sinister, invading these lovely remote places, and polluting their healthy diets with big fat burgers… Or am I over-reacting? Is it merely showing them a new way of eating that they’d never have had access to before?!

Right, it’s my turn.. I think it’s an interesting idea.  The first thing that went through my mind was what a great shoot (!) and how
refreshing it was to see a fast food ad that’s not just a 30 second shot of a
man with small hands eating a burger.

I don’t think the ad is bad taste. Doesn’t everyone enjoy trying new things? I do, so why can it hurt these particular people? They weren’t forced to eat it. They were asked if they wanted to try it. When people said to the camera they didn’t like it, they left these shots in. My favourite is, “I like seal meat better”.

These people have never been exposed to “The Whopper” or to Burger King advertising itself, so they wouldn’t see it as a big evil company like we do. So how can it harm them? It makes no difference whether it’s a Whopper, a Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream or a pack of Burts Crisps. They have no idea about what the brand stands for. To them surely it is just a bit of food?

I think we’re projecting our own ideas of the brand onto these people. The real damage is happening in front of our eyes every day – when people eat too much of it – And it’s not like that’ll happen in these remote places. They’re not proposing to open up branches and get people hooked on the stuff. Maybe we should be worrying about what the brand is doing closer to home and not in this film.

Mmm…I guess another way of looking at it is that is that ‘a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet.’ Or, in this instance, a burger by any other name would still smell as rank. I do see your point… But let’s see what everyone else thinks.

Do we love or loathe this ad?


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