London is a piece of cake

On Saturday I, (Nat), went to Old Street for a very sweet event put on by ‘The Great Cake Escape’.

‘The Great Cake Escape’ is the brainchild of two female artists going by the wonderful names of Cherry Bakewell and Fondant Fancy. Their creative mission is to line the streets of London with beautiful, decorated cup cakes with little flags that say, in a very Alice in Wonderland kind of way, ‘Take Me’.

The 25 year old ladies hide the cakes everywhere and anywhere – from derelict buildings, to pavements and window ledges.

Apparently, what drives them to do what they do is, “to add a dash of vibrancy to this urban utopia of ours,” and “make people smile”.

Last Saturday’s treasure hunt was in honour of their first birthday. To celebrate they hid loads of cakes all around Hoxton Square, including a very special ‘golden cake’ that apparently no one has found yet…

I only managed to find 3 cakes that day. They were decorated beautifully with Smarties, fizzy things and other dentist’s nightmares. 

A few people have asked me if it’s sensible to eat random cakes placed by strangers on the street (goes against what all our mothers taught us)… but so far so good – I’m still alive so I’m sure they weren’t laced with anything poisonous. If I have to ring in sick from BBH, I’ll know who to blame. 


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