Go Jack Yourself

We’re massive fans of Fonejacker and we’re very pleased to see the series return to our TVs. So when I (Nat) saw an online game called ‘Go Jack Yourself’ I thought I would investigate.

The game is in a very similar vein to ‘Elf Yourself’ . What you do is upload your photo, fit it into a template and then choose the fonejacker sketch in which you want to appear.

You can choose to be the unsuspecting victim of either the ‘internet service providings provider of providings’ call centre man, the wheeler dealer Terry Tibbs with the gift of the gab, or Mr Miggins, the rather confused gentleman who is still getting to grips with modern technology and truly can’t believe he’s actually got hold of a human being at the end of his phone (sounds familiar). 

Give it a go. It’s an age old format, but it’s still fun.




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