He put the paintbrush up his Warhol

Recently we went to the Hayward’s Warhol retrospective. At first we found the layout a bit overwhelmingly scatty; but as the curator will tell you, that’s the point.

There’s also a dizzying amount of stuff to watch – literally there are over 100 screens – but if you take your time there’s some really amazing stuff in there, even if you do end up with square eyes.

So here are 5 fun Wednesday Warhol facts you may not already know:

1) His real name was Andy Warhola

2) He was so desperately unhappy with his appearance that in 1952 he had a nose job (rare for the time), and took to wearing wigs.

3) As a way of getting a more interesting interview Warhol once fed someone some drugs and gave them a knife and filmed what happened.

4) He used to have ‘Colouring in parties’ with his friends (there’s a nice theme for a party)

5) Now for the best bit….Neke Carson once did a portrait of Warhol. But not just any portrait – He used his bumhole to hold the brushes, then stood backwards against the canvas…. seriously, there is video evidence. 


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