The Last Teriyaki in Paris

Forgive the long silence. We’re just getting back to normal after our week of Peugeot in Paris. We were told it was going to be a workshop on a new top secret Peugeot car. It turned out to be more like an X-Factor style shoot-out between the German, French and Dutch creative teams, and us. In other words, eerily similar to the Cannes Young Lions Film Competition back in June.

The 17 hour days were so intense that one of the Dutch teams mysteriously didn’t come back the next day. The lowpoint for us was probably the bizarre Japanese take-away they fed us on. Nat could eat very little of it, being a veggie. But the high point (as well as our route being favoured, which in a very small way made up for not winning the prize in Cannes) was the sublime location of the creative department. In answer to John Tylee’s recent piece on Building Reputations and Grand Designs, we think the incredible roof terrace at Euro RSCG Paris leaves everyone else in the shade. Legend has it that creative director Remi Babinet found the space and worked with an architect to design it himself.

You get a better idea of it when you see the video here we’ve tried many many times to upload it but no joy. So here it is on Youtube, which seemed to be the only way of sharing it.  


Sadly the inclement weather meant our scamps kept nearly blowing off the edge towards the Eiffel Tower, so for much of the time we had to work inside in a little box with an extremely wobbly table.


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