We are all in the gutter bar, but some of us are looking up at the stars *

So we’re finally here. After weeks of preparation, we’re here in our gloriously non-plush hotel room. Knowing we don’t have a lot of play-time scheduled in, our first thoughts were – Rosé – and fast – so we’re off in a moment to paint the town red white and blue. We’re just sprucing ourselves up before we go to, cliché of clichés, the famous Gutter Bar, and possibly the Young Lions party… Before that, I’ll quickly tell you all about my train journey. Note: I promise not all of these blogs will be about trains.This is the last, I am certain of it. Anyway, on arrival at the Eurostar terminal (with 45 mins to spare, I might proudly add), I was mortified to learn from Pierre, my friendly Frenchman in the Eurostar booking office, that someone, somewhere, forgot to actually confirm the booking. I had the reservation in my fingertips, printed out, but as Pierre kept saying on a loop, it was an unconfirmed booking, therefore not worth the paper it was written on.

Breaking into a mini panic about missing the train from Paris to Cannes, I quickly phoned the IPA’s travel agent who very slowly, gingerly, after about 6 phone calls, arranged to buy me another ticket so I could still make the train – and therefore the connecting train – by the skin of my teeth. Issued with fresh tickets only 5 minutes before the train departed, I then sprinted through the terminal, cleared security with all four of my bags (don’t ask) and made the train in seconds. But any mounted stress was quickly soothed by the fact that I was now sitting in First Class (economy was now sold out). Joy to the world. A silver lining. I don’t know who’s footing the bill for that boob, I’m hoping it was the travel agent and not the IPA or the nice people at Bauer, but either way I’d just like to say a hearty thanks. I didn’t plan to get light-headed with champagne on the way to Paris, (nor to scupper my bikini diet with a nice dinner of roasted lamb) but it was a very nice surprise. I’ve never travelled first class for anything, and I can SO see what the fuss is all about. I’m certainly taking this journey with me.

OK, so we’re off to the Gutter now. It seems fitting that we’re starting our time here at the lowest point, so to speak. I guess the only way really is up. Fingers crossed we’ll be up in the stars by the end of the week.

Oh and also we promise to try experimenting with blog genres a bit more – we haven’t quite had time until now…

Lolly & Nat x

*I wonder, does Oscar Wilde get wheeled out this time every year? Forgive the repetition if so, but it’s just so apt, isn’t it?


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