Brief Encounter


A very quick post from us just to say we’re just about to get briefed… Then it’s probably going to be all quiet on the Lolly & Nat front for 2 days.  

Had our MTV interviews this morning, very early this morning. We were asked questions completely on the spot such as ‘how do you define the role of the creative director’ and ‘what is the ‘line’ all about’ if you had to explain it to martians? We also had to sign lots of scary forms saying that local theory are allowed to use ANY footage of us at all. So if they film us at our very worst, collapsed in hysterics on the floor they can use it… Must try and be on our best behaviour at all times, otherwise 160 countries will be witness to our outbursts. 

Went to Young Lions Party last night on the beach, didn’t have our passes so had to BEG the secuirty guards to let us in. We kept saying over and over again – We REALLY are the Young Lions. They didn’t believe us, but they finally gave in and we were allowed through. After a welcome glass of champagne, we met creatives from all around the world-including a VERY friendly Nigerian creative team, and a whole brigade of Dutch teams – they all take it so serioulsy, they all came in a big branded Dutchbus! The Dutch won the Print category so they were over the moon.

Today has been relatively calm, we took our hungover selves to the beach and the swam off the rose. And it’s gloriously hot which is nice. Right we’re going to be late for Final Cut Pro training so have to go..bye for now

L & Nx




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